China Must Be Stopped

The Hitleresque reclamation activities of China in the disputed territories in the South and East China Seas is causing a world wide concern. China gradually occupies every islets, reefs, and even rocks that are within its so-called nine dash line. With an immense potential for natural resources especially oil, the Spartly Islands in the South China Sea are treasure for whoever owns it. Countries in the said region such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and China both have maritime claims for the islands.

The Philippines and Vietnam both filed legal cases in the United Nations’ International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) at The Hague to challenge China’s “historical rights” to claim the disputed territories. But China seemed to gone too far in claiming the treasure islands, they already built several military bases on islands they didn’t own. They also prohibited local fishermen from Vietnam, Taiwan, and the Philippines from fishing in their conquered territories. There have been incidents of altercation between the mighty Chinese Navy and unarmed fishermen. Whatever justifications China have behind these activities it definitely brings tension and poses a threat to the peace in the region. Continue reading “China Must Be Stopped”


Hello World!

I haven’t taken a lot of programming courses yet, actually I had just recently finished my first programming course, but I suppose many programmers can relate to me. The very first thing I will never forget in my first programming class is my first program, and that is my own Hello World program. We were taught on how to print “Hello World” using C Language and I guess I will make a lot more Hello World programs using different programming languages. So for my “first” post for this blog, I decided to make my own “Hello World” post.

I welcome myself in this beautiful blogosphere. I want to welcome myself in this new world of knowledge and ideas. I also welcome you who are reading this and all my future readers. Welcome to my World of Thoughts and Ideas!