It Takes Courage to Be a Gay

Yesterday, the Irish people made history as they voted in a referendum legalizing same-sex marriage in their country. The LGBT community not only in Ireland but in the whole world celebrated for this milestone. I may not be a transgender person  but I am very happy for my most courageous fellow people.

When I was still a young boy, I was taught that being a gay is synonymous with cowardice. Whenever there’s someone who challenges you to a fist fight and you refused, they will tease you that you’re a gay. However as I grew older, I realized that being transgender takes a lot of bravery. I learned that being a transgender person is far more courageous than having a fist fight.

Today, it seems that transgender people are more socially accepted than it was before. Our society became more open to gays and lesbians. There were so many gay beauty pageants all around the country. Gay beauty contests became part of the norm, it has become the highlight of every fiestas here in the Philippines.

However there are still some cases of discrimination on transgender people. There are still some people who cannot accept our transgender fellows. There is this fateful incident last year wherein a Filipina transgender woman was allegedly killed by a U.S. Marine. This event brought serious concerns from the LGBT community denouncing such hate crimes. But the sadder fact here is that instead of sympathizing with this transgender woman, the social media was filled by “moralists” comments against her gender identity. This the reason why there are still many transgenders who are hiding their true gender identity. Fortunately, there are people like Bruce Jenner that act as an inspiration for these people. They give strength to these people to face the world and to be proud about who the are.

This made me realize that it is really difficult to become a transgender person. In a world that is full of hypocritical “moralists” using God’s Words to condemn gays and lesbians, it takes a lot of courage to reveal your true self. It takes guts to say “I’m Gay!”. I salute Bruce Jenner and other transgender people who has the courage to accept what they really are. I salute the whole LGBT community who has the bravery to be proud to show this “stereotypical” society how valuable they are. I now believe that being gay is not cowardice but a chivalrous act of bravery.

8 thoughts on “It Takes Courage to Be a Gay

    1. Thank you and I’m glad you liked my post.
      In regards to your post, I am glad to find out that there are some Christian institutions/churches who is open minded enough to accept our LGBT fellows. And as a Roman Catholic Christian, with the guidance of Pope Francis, I hope that the church will realize or finally accept that in God’s eyes we are all equal regardless of our gender orientation.

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